BO YEA SACC ULTRA from AUDEVARD is the successor to the old Bio Yea Sacc formula.

BO YEA SACC ULTRA from AUDEVARD is the first supplementary feed for horses that contains prebiotics, probiotics and Mycosorb A + and it supports a balanced intestinal flora.

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Animal Horse
Type of food Food supplement
Recommended for Digestion

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Bo Yea Sacc Ultra AUDEVARD, source of prebiotics and probiotics for horses.
The importance of the balance of the bacterial flora in the digestion, balance and performance of the horse is now well known, and the use of pre- and probiotics has spread widely in horses, BO YEA SACC ULTRA is the example.

BO YEA SACC ULTRA Audevard is a source of prebiotics and the quality of their probiotics for horses makes it possible to better value the food ration.

Food mycotoxins are microscopic fungi frequently found in horse feed and may compromise balance and performance. We now know that the presence of mycotoxins in the horse's diet can compromise the balance and performance of horses.
Prebiotics and probiotics are usually recommended by veterinarians :
- during digestive disorders such as bloating, softening dung
- at the lean horse
- as support during food transition, after a antibiotic treatment (ex: a vermifuge for horses)
BO YEA SACC ULTRA also brings an innovative ingredient, thee Mycosorb A +, a food mycotoxin sensor.
La new formula Audevard unique brings prebiotics (FOS) and probiotics (Yea Sacc Yeast 1026), specific nutrients of the intestinal flora of the horse. A balanced intestinal flora promotes a good assimilation of the ration.
Those who use it appreciate:
Enjoy the ease of use of BO YEA SACC ULTRA. In a gesture, they optimize their horses' food intake and reassure themselves about the possible presence of mycotoxins in the diet.
Audevard's advice:
It is important to monitor the appearance of your horse's dung as they may reflect an imbalance in the bacterial flora that plays an important role in digestion.


brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae - MUCL 52946), Mycosorb A + Equine (yeast wall extract Saccharomyces cerevisiae, corn feed gluten, dried seaweed), sugar beet molasses, fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS), lithothamne, microfiche carob, seed microfine green anise, microfine alfalfa.

Additives (per kg): - 4- Digestibility Enhancers: 4a1704 YEA SACC (Saccharomyces cerevisiae - CBS 493.94, 1 × 10 ^ 9 CFU / g) 215 × 10 ^ 9 CFU / kg - 2b- Aromatic substances: Apple flavor 20 000 mg, Stevia rebaudiana 5000 mg. technology : Mycosorb A + ® Equine (1m558i Bentonite Clay 10 000 mg).
Analytical constituents: moisture <10%, crude fiber 3%, crude protein 22%, crude fat 3%, crude ash 10%, sodium 0,45%, total sugars 9,5%, lysine 1,4%, methionine 1,5%.
- Pot of 600 g. = up to 30 days of use in the horse.
- Box of 1,2 kg. = up to 60 days of use in the horse.


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