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Virbac - Dental hygiene

Publié le : 03/11/2020 10:37:28
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Virbac products for dental hygiene

Virbac offers you a wide range of products for dental hygiene.

This allows the owners to easily take care of the teeth of their dog or cat.

Our message is:

Good: Vet Aquadent

Better: VeggieDent/ Enzymatic Chew Slides

The Best: Brushing Teeth

Good: Vet Aquadent

Vet Aquadent is a solution to add to the drinking water which freshens the breath.

Proper composition:

Xylitol: captures salivary calcium and therefore prevents dental plaque and slows the formation of tartar

Better: VeggieDent

Appetizing and digestible

Patented Z-shape: reinforces abrasive mechanical action

100% vegetable

Low caloric intake

Can be used during food allergies to animal proteins

Better: Enzyme chewing slices

Enzymatic chewing slices have a mechanical and enzymatic action: The CET Dual Enzyme System helps to slow bacterial growth

Less dental plaque

Less bad breath

The Best : Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth is the best way to keep the teeth healthy. Our advice is to make dental hygiene a daily routine and always do it at the same time, for example just before or just after the walk.

Enzyme toothpastes from Virbac contain the CET Dual Enzyme System which has a slowing effect on bacterial growth. They are specially developed for pets and can be safely swallowed.

There are toothpastes with chicken and liver taste.

Video Virbac Dental Hygiene

You can find the products mentioned in this article on our shop.

Click on the following link: Virbac Dental Products

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