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New line of M-Pets products and accessories

Publié le : 05/15/2019 09:31:16
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QualityPet offers a new line of M-Pets products and accessories for your pet's hygiene and entertainment.


M-Pets Yumi smart bowl slow food electronic bowl


The white and black Yumi smart bowl is able to measure the weight of your dog's food ration accurately. This bowl also helps prevent your dog from eating too quickly.



- Yumi smart Slow Food Electronic Bowl

- Allows you to weigh the ration of your dog with precision

- Equipped with 3 functions: storage of the weight, measurement of weight up to 2 kg, selection of the unit (gram or pound).

- Has a slow feeding system for greedy dogs.


M-Pets bobby squeaker

Squeak toy for dogs


M-Pets Splash Bones Blue

Floating toy for dogs


M-Pets Baltimore Scratch Board

Cat scratch board


M-Pets - Natura 3-Balls Wand

Cat toy 3-Balls Wand with Catnip


M-Pets Dog Leash black

Dog collar and leash 2 in 1


M-Pets falster cushion

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