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Miloa supplements

Publié le : 06/5/2019 09:14:23
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Miloa supplements  

The Miloa supplements range is designed to combat osteoarticular problems, senility and anxiety, and to improve the health of pets suffering from digestive, liver, heart or kidney disorders. They also support them during convalescence and physical activity.

 Each tablet is packed with natural active ingredients that work together without any side effects.

 They make every effort to ensure our supplements taste good. Miloa use fish meal that has been responsibly sourced for human consumption. We use the fillets to ensure that the meal is rich in proteins. There is no slaughterhouse or bakery waste and all products are free from pork, gluten, milk, poultry, egg, soya, dairy products and salt. THE perfect solution for sensitive pets.

 All our tablets are porous and can be broken into four or crumbled. They break up easily and can be mixed with goose fat, cheese spread, fresh food, cooking juices, fish rillettes, minced beef, pâté, etc.

 Miloa is a range of innovative, natural, plant solutions to improve the health and well-being of your pets.

 True to its motto, “ Passion without concession “. Miloa is committed to using the purest, most innovative and most eco-friendly ingredients and nutrients.

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