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Dechra : Beach Cleanup Tour 2019

Publié le : 07/24/2019 09:45:45
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Dechra : Beach Cleanup Tour 2019

With our Specific food we want to reinvest 5% of our profit in sustainable goals. We sponsor the De Noordzee Foundation, a Dutch NGO that has been active for 35 years in the field of protection and sustainable use of the North Sea.



The waste problem continues to grow. Marine litter and plastic is becoming an increasingly serious environmental problem worldwide.

The 8 million tonnes of plastic that lands in our oceans every year is harmful to the oceans and the many animal species that live there.


The North Sea Foundation tackles the problem by organizing the 'Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour' from 1 to 15 August 2019.


The target

The goal - pursued in collaboration with a number of companies, consumers, associations and governments - is to phase out the North Sea beaches.


The dog phase

Among these phases there is one that is close to our heart: the dog phase of 9 August. That day we will all clean the coastline with our dog! The day is sponsored by Specific, who offers each participant a coffee or tea, a luxury lunch and a small surprise at the end of the day on arrival!

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